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20211203 Gravity supports HK Tech 300 Investors Meet-up

The Mentorship service to Hong Kong Impact Startups from CityU HK Tech 300.

2 startup teams were selected to be mentees under our Director and CTO, Ir Dr Alan Lam


(3 December 2021) – Gravity Capital Partners Company Limited (Gravity) supports CityU HK Tech 300 mentorship programme and join the Investors Meet-up event in CityU HK Tech 300 Incubation Centre in 8/F Admiralty Centre, Hong Kong. The director and CTO of Gravity, Ir Dr Alan Lam, met five teams from CityU HK Tech 300 seed fund and finally selected 2 teams to be his mentees.

Yocto Works, a startup led by a CityU graduate of department of electrical engineering, has developed a Module-based IoT vertical gardening system. Each smart gardening pot is equipped with an IoT system which can precisely control the spectral value of grow lights, the amount of water for irrigation and the degree of soil moisture. EMSD has tried out the system in their buildingsand Yocto Works is holding talks with government departmetns for collaboration.

Alcarbo Technologies is founded by 3 post-graduate students from CityU and based on DNA technogy to modify Algae and those modified Algae will be incubated by a special system adopted by nanotechnology with equipped Photobioreactor. With the light energy as input, the modified Alage can absorb 3,000 tons CO2 annually with 400 time better than planting trees. With this process, the system will generate carbon credit through the CO2 absorption and also the Algae products.

With this CityU HK Tech 300 mentorship programme, Gravity kicked off their first mentorship service after the recent launching ceremony (in 20 Nov, 2021) and will continue to support CityU HK Tech 300 and other startup community especially for those meaningful impact projects.




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