Socially Motivated, Smart Money

Our Values

Impact for Life

GGood: Investing for good

RRespect: Build mutual respect

AAlliance: Believe in synergy of alliance

VValuation: Co-build business valuation with founders

IInnovate: Encourage innovation to improve efficiency

T Trust: Gain trust from investors and founders

YYes, we can: Positive, make-things-happen attitude

Who we are

We are passionate for driving impact through investment and management. 

By nurturing local impact businesses while creating synergy with different stakeholders, together we strive to build a better impact ecosystem in Hong Kong. 

What is Impact

Over the past few years, ESG and social impact initiatives started to gain attention across the globe. With the Sustainable Development Goals published by the United Nations and the adoption of the Paris Agreement, more and more businesses and financial institutions are shifting their focuses to driving more positive impact in our community. 

To us, Impact is about driving Positive Social or Environmental Outcomes with considerations of any Potential Negative Implications. Learn more about how we define impact here:

Aligning with project founders, Gravity team will provide network, coaching and ESG integration to enable the project to become successful impact business

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