Prof. Kevin Au


Prof Au co-founded the CUHK Centre for Entrepreneurship and serves as the current Director. He has provided consulting and training for the government and business corporations. Separately, he is an active angel investor, serving as the Director of HKBAN and Family Farm Institute (US). He is currently a member of the Social Enterprise Advisory Committee and the Social Innovation and Enterprise Task Force.

Mr. Leo Chan


Mr. Chan has 25 years of technology background and devoted to education transformation for the past 10 years. He is a Registered Business Coach at Worldwide Association of Business Coaching, supporting entrepreneurs to create new business breakthroughs for the rapid changing market. He also has rich experience introducing new technology to classrooms and strong knowledge of product adoption cycle for schools. Separately, he is contributing personal time to education including teaching at Qinghua University and helping educational NGOs.

Mr. Raymond Chan


Mr. Chan is the ex-Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions Department, Asia of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.

Mr. Chris Chau


Mr. Chau is the founder and CEO of Colearna, an ed-tech startup in Taiwan. He has 10+ years of management consultancy experience, specialising in the telecom industry. He was previously a mobile financial service and financial inclusion expert at World Bank IFC, serving as an ecosystem strategist. He studied civil and environmental engineering at Imperial College and Cambridge University, UK.

Mr. Erik Cheng


Mr. Cheng is the HK Sole Proprietor of Erik Cheng & Co., Certified Public Accountants. He has over 30 years of expertise in accounting, finance and corporate advisory services. He is the Director of a number of companies listed in Hong Kong. He is also the Hon. Director of Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power.

Mr. Water Cheung

Investment Bank

Mr. Cheung has served as the Senior Partner and CEO (Asia Pacific) of StormHarbour since 2010. Previously, he has worked for DBS in the 2000s as Head of Global Financial Markets, Head of Regional Derivatives and Credit Products. Prior to working for DBS, he was the Managing Director of CIBC’s Financial Products and Head of Regional Derivatives Trading of Chase Manhattan Bank. He is also the former Board Chair of Carbon Care Asia and the Board & Advisor of Social Ventures Hong Kong.

Mr. Chan Yau Chong


Mr. Chong is the President of the Hong Kong Blind Union, Vice-Chairman of the Hong Kong Joint Council for People with Disabilities, Consultant of the Dialogue in the Dark Hong Kong and former Chairman of Carbon Care Asia. He is currently promoting social enterprises and civil society.

For the purpose of facilitating the investment decision making by the Investment Committee in respect of the Partnership, the General Partner and/or the Investment Manager will continuously assess and evaluate the performance of the Advisory Panel and the need for the appointment of additional individual members to the Advisory Panel as may be appropriate in their determination. As such, the composition of the Advisory Panel and the term of its respective members are subject to review from time to time at the discretion of the General Partner in consultation with the Investment Manager.

Mr. Jack Chow


Mr. Chow is currently a Partner of VMS Investment Group (HK) Ltd. Previously, he served as a Partner of KPMG HK from 1995 to 2011. He is experienced in fundraising and initial public offering activities in Hong Kong, and in accounting and financial areas. Separately, he is also the Chairman of Qi Chuang (Hong Kong) Social Services Network Limited, Hon. Treasurer of SKH St. Christopher’s Home, and the supervisor of several primary and secondary schools.

Mr. Ilex Lam

SE, Investment

Mr. Lam is the Chairman of iEnterprise Foundation, Impact Investing Research Committee of Greater China Alternative Managers Association and Cardinalasia Consulting. He is also Director of CareER, Advisor of HK Shared Good Values and Teen Future. He has over 25 years of experience in investment management and advisory businesses for Asian central banks, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, UHNW and global institutional investors.

Ms. Mei Leung

Corporate Finance

Ms. Leung has over 30 years’ experience in accounting, securities, corporate finance and related areas. She is a licensed person licensed by the SFC and has served as the responsible officer of Optima Capital Limited since 2007.

Mr. Harrison Li

Insurance, Health

Mr. Li is the Regional Director of FWD. He has over 30 years of experience in life insurance industry. He is a renowned financial writer since 1989 with a daily column in HKET. He is the founding member and director for CUHK Alumni Charity Fund, and the Board director for the ACCESS Health International. He is actively seeking opportunities to invest in small private equities, including the latest investment in Insurtech.

Prof. Howard Ling MH

SE, Social Innovation

Prof. Ling is the Adjunct Professor of Baptist University, Chief Consultant of Social Enterprise Business Centre, and Director of EdCity. He founded and consulted over 30 social enterprises in Hong Kong and Macau. He serves as a consultant/ advisor to Yeh Family Philanthropy, Social Impact Partners, and Changing Young Lives Foundation. He was awarded the Medal of Honour (MH) by Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Humanity Award in 2017.

Mr. Alex Mong


Mr. Mong is the Chief Executive Officer of WeLink Capital Ltd. He has over 25 years of working experience in direct investments, industrial investments, private equity funds and real estate developments. Previously, he held senior management position at Nan Fung Group.

Mr. Simon Ngai


Mr. Ngai is the Chairman of Fullness Christian Vocational Training Centre (FCVTC). Prior to joining FCVTC, he was the Deputy General Manager of an investment company responsible for setting up joint ventures in China and acquisitions in Germany and the USA. He is experienced in sales, marketing, accounting, administration and human resources.

Mr. Kim Hang Sin


Mr. Sin is the President of “The Graduate Association of Colleges of Education”. He has 40 years of experience in secondary education, previously serving as the Vice Principal in a school and a part-time lecturer in the Open University and the Baptist University of Hong Kong. He also served in various Concern Groups and Working Committees relevant to improvements of education in Hong Kong.

Mr. George So


Mr. So is currently the independent non-executive director of Shinelong Automotive Lightweight Application Limited and the Director of Justex Investments Limited. He was the CFO and COO of Asset Managers (Asia) Company Limited. He has also held senior management positions and directorships for listed companies in Hong Kong and Singapore, with extensive audit experience in Canada and Hong Kong.

Dr. Samson Tam

ICT, Investment

Dr. Tam is the Director of Monte Jade Science and Technology Association of HK. He is the Chairman of the HK Business Angel Network, the HK Industry-University-Research Collaboration Association, and the Technology Development Committee of FHKI.

Prof. Kevin Tsoi


Prof. Tsoi is currently an Associate Professor in JC School of Public Health and Primary Care, SH Big Data Decision Analytics Research Centre and JC Institute of Ageing. Previously, he served as a Director of CUHK JC Bowel Cancer Education Centre promoting colorectal cancer screening. He is also the Founder of DeepHealth Ltd., a social enterprise to promote AI applications of wearable and mobile devices for better health management. He is an Advisor of the Society for Innovative Healthcare Hong Kong.

Prof. Justin Wu


Previously serving as the Associate Dean of Faculty of Medicine at CUHK, Mr. Wu is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the CUHK Medical Centre. He is the Founding Director of Hong Kong Institute of Integrative Medicine, fostering cooperation between Western and Chinese medicine in the healthcare system. He is also the Independent non-executive director of APTORUM, a local biotech company focused on medical innovations in the field of infectious diseases, digestive diseases and medical robotics.