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20220726-Panda in Hong Kong

Gravity supports Panda in HK

Artzioneer and “People’s Creativity” jointly launched the “Panda Tour Hong Kong” digital collection charity sale. The theme of this event is Hong Kong’s famous scenic spots, and it is combined with the panda digital works from People’s Creativity to carry out cute secondary creations, so that everyone can follow in the footsteps of pandas and visit Hong Kong’s famous scenic spots.

As youth empowerment and sustainable community are two of our impact theme, Gravity supports this Panda in HK and hope this meaningful event can bring more positive support to HK.

Here is the event publication:


Here is the link of the above news:

頭條日報: 即時-港聞-熊貓遊香港-NFT慈善義賣活動

yahoo!財經: 同程旅行-00780-hk-聯合人民創意發布-熊貓遊香港

星島環球: “熊猫游香港”NFT慈善义卖活动

頭條即時新聞: 即時-港聞-NFT-限量25-000枚-熊貓遊香港-數字藏品

人民日報社: 「熊猫游香港」数字藏品即将发行

星島網: 「熊貓遊香港」NFT慈善義賣活動

For more information about the event, pls feel free to refer to the website of Artzioneer: [LINK]




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