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20221212 Gravity congratulates Belun Technology on winning two merit awards at the APICTA 2022

Belun Technology (Belun) won two merit awards at the APICTA 2022. Gravity is proud to support this meaningful project. Congratulations on Belun’s great progress!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Belun developed and launch their product called Belun® remoVital monitoring system (remoVital) that contributes to safeguarding the weakest link in the HK community during the pandemic. This product won two merit awards at APICTA2022 (The biggest award in the ICT industry in Asia). It is a recognition of Belun’s effort in preventive healthcare, tackling the world issue of the ageing population and safeguarding the lives of the elderly and people with disabilities during the pandemic outbreak in Hong Kong.

Belun’s work fully matches Gravity’s impact theme: Changing Demographics. These two APICTA merit awards are an important recognition of this project. For more detail, please feel free to refer to the official announcement: [link]

About Belun Technology

Besides Belun® remoVital, Belun has an outstanding award-winning track record, Belun® Ring winning the Hong Kong ICT Award 2018 – Award of the year, ICT Startup Grand Award and Smart Living Grand Award. The company also won 3 awards in the Asia Pacific ICT Award 2018, including the Inclusions and Community Services – Wellbeing category (Winner), Start-Up of the Year – Business and Community (Merit) and Technology of the Year – Big Data Analytics (Merit).

Belun is a data technology company headquartered in Hong Kong with Preventive Healthcare Solutions powered by billions of health fingerprints and proprietary AI algorithms collected from global research in the US, Hong Kong, Singapore & Taiwan. Their medical-grade wearables & AI solutions for screening sleep health can evaluate treatment effectiveness for patients with chronic disease & predict health risks.

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