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20220921 Gravity supports Directors’ Conference 2022

Gravity Director and CTO, Ir Dr Alan Lam served as panel member in Leading-Edge Strategy Panel: “Fusion of People, Ideas and Technology” to share about innovation and digital transformation at 10am on Wed, 21/9/2022/.

Ir Dr Alan Lam pointed out that the current economic is knowledge based economic. The most successful companies are almost tech-based companies. Digital transformation is a trend for all board of directors in the company to consider. Comparing to 10 years ago, current situation is different and information technology is just a basic. Now, the key of success is about how to make use of advanced technology such as Artificial intelligence like what Carlye (CEO of HKIoD) mentioned earlier. Alan said, “I helped one project which is a shared-bike operator in HK. The founder and their board are also welcome digital transformation although they see IT based company. However, AI and Machine learning is the core technology that they want to pursuit. So I introduced technical partner to them and provide funding support. Thus, the AI system can help their business to increase the  utilisation of their shared-bike that is a successful case to transform a tradition shared-bike operator to a Big Data company.”

Carlye, CEO of HKIoD, said how the business transformation related to digital transformation and what should the board of director to be aware. Alan answered, “Digital transformation is important and have chance to give positive support to business, however, we should also consider the business nature. Like another project that I am now supporting is a medical device company selling ring type of wearable to monitor sleep for sleep apnea patients. When I met them, they are trying to establish the B2C business with adoption of e-commerce platform. However, in my mind, as consumer I may not buy. I would prefer to have doctor’s advice or consultation before buying any Mexican device. So I advise them to change B2C platform to B2P (business to professionals) that can have better engagement with doctors, dentist and nurse. I think they will be more helpful to them. As an impact investor, I strongly believe financial support is part of our contribution. We should be able to provide our network and knowledge to support the founders with good balance of business and social impact.”

On the other hand, Hon Duncan Chiu shared a lot of his view about government policy and advice about the industry direction to all audiences.

Finally Carlye thanks both Alan and Duncan with nice souvenir.

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LEADING-EDGE STRATEGY PANEL: “Fusion of People, Ideas and Technology” 10:00-10:30
• Hon Duncan Chiu, HKSAR Legislative Council Member (Technology and Innovation)
• Ir Dr Alan Lam, CTO, Director, Gravity Capital Partners Co Ltd
• Dr Carlye Tsui, Chief Executive Officer, HKIoD (Session Host)

In this digital era, directors must be enlightened in knowledge and board strategy on innovation and digital transformation. Hon Duncan Chiu is invited to share insights on Hong Kong’s development in technology and innovation, highlight the relevant policies for facilitating the business sector and make any other observations. Ir Dr Alan Lam is invited to share insights from enabling companies to accelerate digital journey, cite inspiring cases and make any other observations.

Directors’ Conference 2022:

HKIoD Directors’ Conference 2022 is a one-day forum created by directors for directors Combined onsite and online attendance.

Schedule: Wed 21 September 2022 09:30-17:30
Venue: Theater 1, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, combined onsite and online attendance.
Mainly in English, one session in Putonghua facilitated by simultaneous interpretation.
CPD credit: 6 hours
The Participants: Directors, senior executives, professionals, scholars, interested citizens, both HKIoD members and non-members.

Benefits from participation:

  • Inspiration by world-class business and community leaders
  • Networking with peers in a motivational and enjoyable experience

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