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20220416 Gravity is going to serve as panel member in Social Impact Investment and Sustainability 2022 Annual Conference

SIIP Social Impact Investment and Sustainability 2022 Annual Conference

Gravity Director and CTO, Ir Dr Alan Lam serves as panel member in Social Impact Investment and Sustainability 2022 Annual Conference on 24th April, 2022, organized by SIIP (Social Impact Investment Procurement Foundation).

It has been two full years since the pandemic ravaged the world, seems to emerge in endlessly, the double inflation of the financial system and real economy in developed countries has appeared, the COP26 climate change conference held in Glasgow at the end of 2021 did not solve the core problems. The world is still full of uncertainty and anxiety, while old problems still oppressed us, and new challenges are coming one after another.

The 2021 Annual Impact Investing and Sustainability Conference (SIIS) was a huge success and had become a global landmark conference in the field of impact investing and sustainability, with over 60 dignitaries and business leaders attending from around the world and over 1.5 million online audiences from around the world (with nearly 70% of the professional audience). The Social Impact Investment and Procurement Foundation, a specialized agency dedicated to supporting the United Nations, international organizations and public and private partners in achieving the global sustainable development goals and the United Nations climate change goals, in partnership with global partners such as World Green Organisation and the S.T.A.R.S. Foundation, and with continued strong support from the United Nations system, have invite senior leaders from politics and international organizations, entrepreneurs, educational institutes, UN-related NGOs, public listed companies and general public who cares about the sustainability of humanity to join the 2022 Annual Conference on Impact Investing and Sustainable Development. The event will be held on April 23-24, 2022, offline in Hong Kong (subject to COVID measurement) and also be streaming online worldwide, focusing on the theme “Solidarity and Action in a Significant Changing Landscape: Social Impact Investing | Carbon Neutrality | ESG | Metaverse”, and the Global Initiative for Impact Investing, the Carbon Neutral Youth Ambassador Initiative, the Metaverse and Sustainable Development (SDGs) Initiative will also be launched during the event. It is expecting to invite 100 speakers nearly from the politicians, business industry leaders and scientists, and other fields, more than 2-million online viewers, from more than 50 countries and regions and more than 10 global professional media platform.

Ir Dr Alan Lam was invited to share the view points, strategic actions and the best practice-shareing about Impact Investing & ESG. For more information about the event, pls feel free to refer to SIIP Official website: [LINK]




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