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20221006 Gravity supports CityU with 7 other co-investment partners to incubate HK Tech 300 startups

Gravity joined CityU HK Tech 300 to co-invest HK Tech 300 angel projects with 7 other Co-investment partners

(6th Oct 2022) – Gravity Capital Partners Company Limited (Gravity) established an important collaboration with CityU to Co-invest HK Tech 300 projects since early 2022. Up to now, Gravity confirmed to support 5 projects. This is a key milestone of Gravity to support HK startups and university to co-build the eco-impact-system in Hong Kong. Gravity’s Co-founder and Managing partner Mr. Eric Yip represents Gravity to take group photo with CityU management and Co-investment partners.

Our CTO and Managing Partner, Ir Dr Alan Lam attend the ceremony and support the event onsite.

With this successful milestone, Gravity have been impressed by the great progress from the HK Tech 300 teams. We are sure more and more startups will be supported by Gravity and CityU under this strategic collaboration.



About Gravity Capital Partners Company Limited

Gravity was founded in April, 2020 and launched on 20th Nov, 2021 in Hong Kong. It is a passionate initiative to drive impact through investment and management. By nurturing local impact businesses while creating synergy with different stakeholders, Gravity strives to build a better impact ecosystem in Hong Kong.



Tel: (852) 3188 9698


Address: Room 1802, Dominion Centre, 43-59 Queen’s Road East, Hong Kong

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