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20221125 Gravity Business Transformation Seminar

Gravity kicked off the Gravity Acceleration Programme (GAP) Lecture Series

(25 November 2022) – Gravity Capital Partners Company Limited (Gravity) co-organised a Business Transformation Seminar with HONG Kong Science and Technology Park Startup Alumni Association (SAA) and CityU HK Tech 300 at United Centre 8/F Incubation Centre of City University, marking an important milestone in the company’s development in impact investment and management after one year of their Launch.

Dr Laura Lo, Associate Vice-President (Mainland Affairs and Entrepreneurship) of CityU welcomes over hundred guests and thanks Co-organisers including HKSTP, SAA and Gravity. Then Dr Lo introduces the background of Ir Prof Alan Lam and Gravity to express the appreciation for their support and contribution to CityU HK Tech 300 and the Innovation & Technology Industry.

Chairman of Service committee of HKSTP SAA Steering committee, Mr Wisdom Chan, also shares the excitement and appreciation to two Co-organisers.

Ir Prof Alan Lam, managing partner and CTO of Gravity, thanks the partners’s effort to make the event preparation successfully. Over 100 guests from 50+ I&T startup and 20+ VCs join the event. This Business Transformation Seminar is conducted by three (Investees of Gravity) outstanding startups including Locobike, Belun Technology, and Wada Bento. Three founders share how their own startup Co-work with Gravity and other investors to transform their business successfully. Alan said, “Today’s event is kind of result announcement after Gravity launched one year! Based on Gravity’s founder-first mission, you will know how we support our invested projects…”

Mr Ken Ching, founder of locolla, shares his success of locobike to be the last and only player of shared-bike operator in HK. After dominating the hk marketing, Ken reached the bottleneck and faced the challenge to manage too many shared-bike by the operation team. Ken said, “I decided to pursue PhD to learn machine learning in order to make all my locobike to be operated by AI machine! The reason why I need to conduct my presentation online is because I need to attend my lecture soon …” Alan followed and said, “Ken is not just successful in winning the competitors to dominate the market, he is an ultra-passionate person who is willing to learn technology to pursue PhD and become my student to do research in CityU! It shows that Gravity is trying hard to support founders without boundary’s including tech-enabling…”

Dr Lydia Leung, Co-founder and CEO of Belun Technology, shared how they co-build a new business model with Gravity and transformed their business model from B2C to B2P (business to professionals) and from selling wearable ring to selling report and service to grow the business by 900% and 400% in the last two years. Lydia said, “Thanks Alan and gravity’s support. Gravity not just offered investment but they also offered hands-on support including advice on business model, investment document (even helping on making slides for my deck) and even our B2P webpage for my SLEEP2022 exhibition. It turns out getting many professionals network, business, next round investment opportunities and so on…”

Mr Jason Chen, Co-founder and CEO of Wada Bento, shares his touching story about why he found Wada Bento. With his passion to bring quick and warm bento to people, Wada Bento is entering fast growing stage. Jason said, “Today is a special date for Wada Bento, we just obtained the world first PSE certificate for our hot-chain machine in Japan. We are going to enter the bento kingdom…” Alan congratulated Jason and recalled, “Jason, you made me recall our investment is not straightforward. Without the founder-first mission, Gravity may be an obstacle for you to accept CityU’s investment due to some issues in the terms of your existing investors. Since Gravity put project founders’ benefit as first priority, we decided to give up to make you to be able to accept CityU HK Tech 300. Dramatically, that makes your board to invite us to invest (for sure with same terms as existing investors and not the favourable terms with university), that is a touching story for Gravity…”

After three founders’ sharing, audiences understood more about Gravity’s philosophy in impact investment and how Gravity helps startups. With the experience of helping startups in the last year, Gravity decided to move one further step to organise a lecture series to help founders to learn more about fundraising, how to evaluate their business, preparation pitch deck, business plan and data room. Ir Prof Alan Lam consolidated all the necessary materials and will share to all students (founders) in the coming three lectures. About the lecture series, Ir Prof Alan Lam called it as “Gravity Acceleration Programme (GAP)”.

The schedule of the GAP lecture series is shown below:



About Gravity Capital Partners Company Limited

Gravity was founded in 2020 and launched on 20th Nov, 2021 in Hong Kong. It is a passionate initiative to drive impact through investment and management. By nurturing local impact businesses while creating synergy with different stakeholders, Gravity strives to build a better impact ecosystem in Hong Kong.



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