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20220907 Gravity congratulates Wada Bento on its great progress

Wada Bento announced their great achievement on their fresh round of fundraising. With their advanced food tech, their bento machines can provide bot meals in 17 seconds. Congratulation to Wada Bento’s great progress!本地初創-和田弁当-獲新-輪融資-累計逾2200萬元-094100964.html本地初創-和田弁当-獲新-輪融資-累計逾2200萬元-094100964.html本地初創「和田弁当」獲新一輪融資累計逾2200萬港元/

HK’s Wada Bento raises $2.8m for bento machine that delivers meals in 17 seconds


Jason, the founder of Wada Bento, was a typical office worker. Long and stressful days are the norm with lunch hour being the only relaxing moment of the day. But long queues at lunch rush hour in Hong Kong means even a takeway will eat up 1/3 of your precious lunch time. Jason who had lived in Japan, the kingdom of vending machines, for many years, wondered why the problem cannot be solved by redesigning the vending machine. He decided to partner with a Japanese chef who has more than 20 years of dining experience to open Wada Bento, making gourmet bento served in 17 seconds a reality. Wada Bento website:



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